Rocky P

by Schooner

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Recorded by Jim Brantley at Firehazard Studios in Durham, NC.


released August 4, 2011

Reid Johnson: vocals, guitar, percussion
Tripp Cox: bass, guitar, vocals
Billy Alphin: drums, percussion
Kathryn Johnson: vocals, keys
Megan Culton: vocals, guitar


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Schooner Durham, North Carolina

Schooner is disheveled-pop-indie-psych-soul from Durham, NC started by Reid Johnson & now features Joshua Carpenter (Floating Action), Nick Jaeger, Patrick O'Neill, Maria Albani, + a rotating cast of characters.

With its energetic songs and fuzzy guitars, Neighborhood Veins is sure to be an album you won’t stop listening to any time soon.-MAGNET
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Track Name: Make me Mad
Lays on the grass, down on the ground
just to see you.
You’re gone, you’re gone, head in the sand,
it’s Autumn I guess.
With leaves all around, everything’s falling here too.
Riddled and mused, with nothing to lose,
what could I do?
You cannot make me mad,
You cannot make me sad,
But you do anyway.
How did you ever get me to pay full price for this?
Was it a hook that I took or a bite that I bit?
Or did it work out too well all the hell and the shit,
or did the joke that you choked on have malice in it?
Your hair pressed down, your headphones sit
I bought a pair and they don’t fit.
Track Name: Nothing's Changed
Well, we’ve taken enough this year. I’m amazed at how you smile as if nothing’s changed.
Persevering so pleasantly in an iridescent light,
Just trying to be bright.
Fortunate how you found the shore, and how I’ll be out to sea for many more.
Wondering just how long it takes and all the feelings your mind creates; it’s getting late.
There was dew falling on the grass, there were cars on the road we passed so very fast.
There were pillows and cloudy stars. Doesn’t matter where we are, I’ll take my car.
Like to see how the road will be--like the pavement or like the sea; to hold or breathe.
Track Name: Normal Day
Well I woke up today, and got my bearings straight,
And found my body painted hues of black and blue
I couldn’t even move, my muscles sore and bruised
From bouts of overuse and atrophy to boot.
I want a normal day
But I think I’m running late,
Telling these half sedated
Stories of my fate.
As I tore from my sleep, the whole thing dizzying,
Yelling throughout the dream, I woke and tried to scream.
I couldn’t even speak!
Was quiet for a week,
With laryngitis and exhaustion taking heed.
Well I’ve been up too late
To make sense of this day
And make these stories go
In any certain way.
Have a painted line
Lead you till you find a way.
Move your bones and speak
Till your joints don’t squeak or break.
Track Name: The Return of Jules Verne
I was on the bottom of the ocean where I found a bone and searched from what it might have come the rain was making circles on the surface where you might have gone the sunlight was refracted rays and I was seeing everything through eyes not made for salty waves and maybe where they end and fade are places where I might have gone and stayed.
Track Name: The ballad of Rocky P
Leave from the place you hide, and take to the trail you find.
Don't settle down

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